So, I decided to change things a little bit. DS-Crypt will still be made (eventually) as a file encryption suite. It will be released eventually, though it has currently been put on the backburner. I am currently working on a spin-off project of DS-Crypt for one-to-one network encryption, called Palimpsest. I have applied for a SourceForge project, so hopefully that will be approved.

I came across the idea for Palimpsest by thinking of other uses for DS-Crypt and one-time pad/stream cipher implementations. I concluded that a network methodology for secure communications over an insecure channel would be extremely useful for all involved. It is based (though this is outdated) off of this model.

Palimpsest Encryption now has its very own SourceForge project page. Please check out that page for all future updates. Palimpsest is in beta testing stages as of this writing.

Thanks for your continued support.

- David Shaw
Lead Developer, DS-Crypt